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September 08, 2007



Misti. Oh Misti. Such a wonderful thing. And I am jealous that all those (spoiler) classes are closed.


Lovely scarf! I'm familiar with that stitch pattern and it is a great one. I haven't tried the yarn you are using and it looks awesome!

Ah!! Time to start on Christmas gifts already. I better try to start now. Last year I knit a dozen pairs of Fetching fingerless gloves (free pattern on Knitty) towards the end it was like a chore and knitting should never feel like a chore!

Carrie K

Isn't it frustrating that you can either get color or texture but not both? I finally gave up trying to photograph my Liz project.

Pretty scarf! Christmas? Christmas? Oh geez, I really need to start knitting for Christmas.

Your other handmade gift looks good!


hubba hubba misti!

Aunty Gabby

I took a June Taylor class last May. It was a fantastic start to my jamming career.

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