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1. I have red hair.
2. I'm not a great photographer.
3. But I do enjoy looking at pictures and can appreciate a good one when I see one.
4. I'm constantly re-organizing.
5. And learning how to get rid of stuff - this is new.
6. I like to give gifts for non-occasions.
7. I love going on dates. I'm married now, but still love going on dates.
8. I miss living in Santa Cruz.
9. Gretl from The Sound of Music was my babysitter.
10. I find small, enclosed places comforting.
11. I have an irrational fear of feathers.
12. Bra size is 38D. Please tell me they will stop growing eventually.
13. The nickname for my grandmother is "Toots".
14. I don't wear jeans.
15. I actually enjoy writing cover letters and resumes.
16. Pop culture rules. Celebrity Gossip? Keep it coming!

Shoes = combat boots
Flower = Lisianthus
Style = gypsy
Lipstick = Wet & Wild #508
Poet = W. S. Merwin/Eric Brown (tie)
Music = Will Oldham
Number = 9
Folk Artist = Walter Inglis Anderson
Color = orange
Needles = Denise Interchangeable
Author = William Faulkner
Type of Sheets = Jersey
Things to knit = blankets
Cocktail = Manhattan
Sushi = hamachi
Body Products = Dr. Hauschka
Typeface = Old Claude


knitting - reading - making mix tapes - cooking - sleeping with my husband - taking baths - walking my two amazing dogs at pt. isabel - spacing out - reading Us magazine - going to matinees on really nice days - squeezing my three cranky kitties